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Why did one suspected the authenticity of the Antomarchi mask ? As of its appearance with the public, in 1833, this mask caused surprised and distrust. Jerome and Napoleon III defied themselves some: since 1827, Jerome became purchaser of the Arnott mask which it considered resembling more with the majestic features of his brother. This one was stolen for him. Napoleon III repurchased it in the years 1850 and preserved it at Tuileries, honor which was never granted to the Antomarchi mask…

Arnott Mask
Photographs: Dominique T.

The brother and the nephew remembered the true face of Napoleon! In 1855, an equestrian statue of Napoleon in Rouen was set up. This one is head-naked: it holds its hat with the hand. Its face is square, massive; the strong head! No common point with the official mask. NONE! The project was presented at Napoleon III, who approved it…


In 1869, the descendants of Antomarchi (its small nephews), proposed one of the oldest specimens of the mask known with the emperor of the French who declined the offer (it is about the mask of Malmaison)!

Antomarchi mask

Question: why this distrust of the Bonaparte family ? While at the same time it is "Madame Mère" who had given her green light ? Later, prince Victor (wire of Jerome-Napoleon, known as Plon-plon) had a specimen of it. He however made “improve” the aforementioned mask: the nose was returned more right (by removal of the bump) and the chin was reinforced…

The head of Napoleon measured 22 inches, according to Constant! And only 20 inches ten lines for Antomarchi…

RUSI Mask (or Corso mask)

. Photographs of Patrick W. Sheehan - the Corso mask (of the name of its owner which had acquired it in 1986 in London). This mask was sold in New York on December 2, 2004 for 11.000 $. It acts according to any probability of the same mask as Rusi (death mask of Napoleon deposited in Royal United Service Institution, in London, of 1947 to 1972), undoubtedly diverted by a conservative in 1973 and discreetly resold in 1986.

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